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The Magistery Stampede: July '22


Summer's in full swing and things are spinning right along at The Magistery. Below are a few fun updates!

More Magical Mares

In keeping with the creation of C.W Parker-inspired fantasy horses for the carousel, here's a preview of our Light Unicorn (Dark Unicorn coming soon!). Click here to see April's edition of The Magistery Stampede where we provided a sneak peek of our newly-designed Longma (aka Dragon Horse), seafaring Hippocamp, and winged Pegasus!

National Carousel Day

Coming up in just a few short weeks, July 25th is National Carousel Day. It's a great excuse (not that you need one) to plan a trip to your nearest carousel for a memory sparking –and making!– ride. The National Carousel Association keeps an up-to-date carousel database you can search for locating the carousel nearest you, and for more info on the history of carousels (including why July 25th was specifically chosen to celebrate them), check out this short read!

A Horse With No Name

The new life of the carousel will come with new names for the horses. The pony pictured above is one of the original hand-carved horses you'll find at The Magistery, and in honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, we're seeking your help in naming this star-spangled stallion! Reply to this email with your name suggestion and we'll report back in the next edition of The Magistery Stampede with the results!

Saddle Up and Share!

If you're excited about The Magistery, help us spread the word! Click any of the links down below to share on social media, and if you have someone(s) specific in mind, feel free to forward them this email to visit where they can learn more and sign up for this here newsletter.

Stay tuned for some big news coming right 'round the corner, and thank you for your continued support!

-The Magistery


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