The 1917 C.W. Parker "Grand Jubilee"

The Magistery’s carousel was built in 1917 by the C.W. Parker Company and delighted riders in San Antonio’s Playland Park from 1943-1980.

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This rare 50ft carousel is one of only six highly-ornate "Grand Jubilee” models produced in Leavenworth, Kansas by the C.W. Parker Company and boasts fifty-two “jumper” figures and two chariots. Sold at auction in 1988, this historic machine was put in storage for over three decades.

Soon to be meticulously restored for the enjoyment of all, The Magistery is honored to offer rides on this majestic carousel’s blended menagerie of original hand-carved wooden horses and newly crafted mythical horses from cultures across the globe. From a Parker Stargazer or Armored Jumper to a Unicorn, Slepnir, Pegasus, Kelpie, and many more,

this carousel is truly one-of-a-kind.

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