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The Magistery Stampede: April '22

Howdy and Happy Friday!

Just popping in to share a bit about what's been crackin' at The Magistery lately!

New Members Of The Menagerie

In addition to the herd of original C.W. Parker hand-carved wooden horses you'll find on the The Magistery's carousel, we're also adding some new fantastical figures! Pictured above are our newly-designed Longma (aka Dragon Horse) and seafaring Hippocamp, and more mythical mares are on the way!

Bonus: Check out the turntable video of our Pegasus here!

Austin Cultural Trust

The Magistery submitted a proposal and is currently being considered for a grant from the Austin Cultural Trust, a program facilitated by the Austin Economic Development Corporation. The mission of the Trust is to support acquisition and preservation of arts, cultural, and music spaces within Austin, so we think we're a great fit! Learn more about this incredible program here.


Did you have a favorite carousel growing up? A memorable experience on a merry-go-round? Perhaps you even rode The Magistery's carousel when it operated at San Antonio's Playland Park from 1940-1980! Regardless of when or where, we want to know about your favorite carousel memories!

Share your story via this form for our forthcoming Memory-Go-Round page..

Forward To A Friend

If you're excited about The Magistery, help us spread the word! Click any of the links down below to share on social media, and if you have someone(s) specific in mind, feel free to forward them this email to visit where they can learn more and sign up for this here newsletter.

Stay tuned for some big news coming right 'round the corner, and thank you for your continued support!

-The Magistery


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