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The Magistery Stampede: October '23


We're back with a quick update on The Magistery. Read on below, partners!


The Smithsonian's iconic carousel is getting a complete overhaul, which is great news! The not-so-great news (for us) is that they're calling on the same amazing folks that are set to complete The Magistery's carousel restoration, Ohio-based Carousels and Carvings, which will mean some additional delays on getting our ride up and running. To be fair, they've had this plan and placeholder in the works for some time, and we're incredibly thrilled their historic machine is finally getting the care and attention it deserves!


Truth be told, we're long-time admirers of the Smithsonian's carousel and its incredible legacy. It originally spun in Baltimore, Maryland's Gwynn Oak Park, which had a "whites only" admission policy until August 28th, 1963 (the same day Martin Luther King led the March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom and delivered his momentous "I Have a Dream" speech), when it was officially desegregated. On that day, a handful of African American families braved a mob of angry protesters and were allowed into the park for the very first time.

Leading those families were Marian and Charles C. Langley with their daughter, Sharon. Sharon and her father were photographed by The Baltimore Sun as they boarded their very first ride, the carousel, and she became known as the first African American child to enjoy a ride at Gwynn Oak Amusement Park when it opened to the public without segregation. She wrote about her family's experience on that special day in her children's book, A Ride To Remember.

We'll be honoring this turning point for civil rights with a horse on The Magistery; one inspired by the stallion the young Sharon Langley rode, decorated with imagery from Gwynn Oak Park, the City of Baltimore, and the March On Washington, and adorned with the names of the other courageous families and children who joined the Langleys at Gwynn Oak Park that day. Below is an image of the horse, and you can see a 360º view of it here.


That's all for now, friends! Stay tuned for more, and feel free to forward this email along to anyone interested to be in the know!

-The Magistery


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