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The Magistery Stampede: October '22


Grab the reins and hold on tight 'cause we've got a jam-packed edition of the Stampede coming at ya!

Texas Monthly Covers The Magistery

ICYMI, Texas Monthly published a wonderful piece on The Magistery and the twisting tale of our 100-year-old carousel. Read the article here!

A Gift Horse Of A Different Color

The stately stallion above (aka Hobbs) is the newest addition to The Magistery's menagerie and was generously gifted to us by Marsha Elrod of Cedar Creek, Texas. Our first "Honorary Parker" horse, Hobbs was carved in the 1920's by the Spillman Engineering Company. Marsha snagged him many years ago from the legendary "Grand Dame of Historic Wooden Carousels," Marianne Stevens, and she's excited to see him delight riders once again (and we're honored to help make that happen!). As you can see, he's already making friends.

Making Animatronic History

The Magistery's sui generis animatronic band, Horse Majeure, will be featured on an upcoming episode of Secret Restoration, a new series on The History Channel. Tune in on November 9th for the series premiere (air date still TBD on our episode).

Glory Be!

In July's edition of the Stampede we solicited name suggestions for the patriotic pony pictured above, and boy howdy did folks deliver! After much review of the submissions, "Glory" was chosen for this A-mare-ican beauty, and we think it's just perfect. Many thanks to all who submitted their great ideas!

Cock-A-Doodle Colt

To the best of our knowledge, the world's first and only Hippalectryon carousel figure will be making its debut appearance on The Magistery's carousel! An ancient legend of Greek folklore, this half-horse half-rooster hybrid creature is of mysterious origin and function. It could have been a simple decorative element without any specific purpose, though some studies suggest it might have been dedicated to Poseidon and tasked to protect ships. Others interpret it as a grotesque beast to amuse children (we like this option the best!). Regardless, we're excited to hop on and take a spin! For a 360º view of this birdly beast, check out the video post on Instagram!


That's all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more to come, and feel free to forward this along to anyone interested to be in the know!

-The Magistery


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