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The Magistery Stampede: September '21


It's been an enchanting few weeks for The Magistery and I'm popping in to share a bit o' fun news.

We own carousel!

After many, many months of legal process, paperwork, and tracking down signatures from errant board members, September 20th marked the official dissolution of the San Antonio Carousel Foundation, stewards of the 1917 C.W. Parker Carousel since 1989, and the legal ownership transfer of the carousel to The Magistery. While all parties involved have been excitedly moving forward with the expectation that this process would resolve according to plan, finalizing this piece is a significant milestone and decidedly clears the path for restoration work to begin unabated.

There's music in the air

As part of the ownership transfer, we were delighted to confirm the rumors of a calliope included with the carousel! Last week I connected with the former director of the San Antonio Carousel Foundation, located the calliope, and took a couple friends with strong backs to pick it up (I was told it was quite heavy and found that to be very true). It's got a 43-note keyboard on one side, auto-plays music rolls on the other, and it is LOUD. Check out the below video to hear an example of how one sounds!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more updates!

-The Magistery


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