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The Magistery Stampede: November '21


I'm dropping in with a brief –but BIG– bit o' news!

I, along with a crew of five brave souls, travelled to San Antonio where The Magistery's disassembled 1917 C.W. Parker carousel has been stored for the past 30+ years, loaded it into a long haul trailer, and shipped it to Ohio-based carousel creators Carousels And Carvings to begin the restoration process!

It arrived safely in Ohio last week and is currently getting organized, inventoried, and inspected in preparation for the next steps.

The horses came back to Austin for partnering with local artists on any repainting, touch ups, and woodworking needs, as well as scanning trials for 3D-printed replicas and inspiration for C.W. Parker-styled fantasy, folklore-based, and legendary horses.

Check out some pics from the move below, and stay tuned for more updates as this magnificent machine makes the comeback of a lifetime!

-The Magistery


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