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The Magistery Stampede: June '24


We're back with a quick update on The Magistery. Read on below!


We’ve received many requests from folks wondering when and where The Magistery will make its official debut. Truth be told, finding a home for The Magistery has proven to be a rather complicated endeavor (sometimes feeling more like a roller coaster than a carousel…), and up until this point it’s not been appropriate to share those details, pending ongoing discussion and negotiations.

To make a very long story short, after nearly two years of planning and collaboration, we had to part ways with our initial location partner due to unexpected developments and circumstances beyond our collective control. It was a heavy hit to the momentum of the project, and all sides were left disappointed.

Once that door was closed, we began outreach to alternative sites and have been invited to consider several interesting options, a few of which are still in ongoing conversations. While we're optimistic about our current site prospects, we'll remain open to all offers until an official arrangement is reached.

And if you know of a spot we should consider, email us!

On a final note, I recently read this article about The New York City Carousel Challenge wherein it states “the joy of the carousel is the simple pleasure of being free to go somewhere but nowhere at all.

We hope to have somewhere very soon where everyone can come and go nowhere. 


If you’ve been in Austin for more than a minute, then you're aware of Esther's Follies, Austin’s world-renowned, modern-day vaudeville theater and the nation's longest-running musical revue, founded by Shannon Sedwick and husband Michael Shelton in 1977.

What you may not know is that Shannon’s legacy is woven even deeper throughout the space-time of Austin, having also founded and helmed iconic institutions like Liberty Lunch, The Tavern, Phillies’ Diner, Buffalo Grille, Patsy’s Cafe, The Velveeta Room, and Stars Cafe, in addition to her active involvement in arts organizations and civic groups like the Downtown Austin Alliance, Pecan Street Association, and Sixth Street Association.

To put it plainly, Austin wouldn't be Austin if it weren’t for Shannon Sedwick.

So, it was a no-brainer for us to include a horse celebrating her on the Magistery’s carousel, and per her request, exclusively showcasing her greatest pride and forever joy, the one-and-only Esther’s Follies (and she fittingly named her “Esther,” of course).

Below is an image of Esther, and you can see a 360º view of her here

That's all for now, friends! Stay tuned for more, and feel free to forward this email along to anyone interested to be in the know!

-The Magistery


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