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The Magistery Stampede: February '22

Howdy, padna!

Things are still galloping along with The Magistery, and I'm writing to share about some of our recent fresh, fun and fantastical goings-on!

Sarah K. Wolf saddles up

We're proud to announce Sarah K. Wolf has joined The Magistery team! Sarah has over a decade of marketing experience with a focus on community, brand building and purposeful partnerships. Learn more about her here!

3D Scanning & Printing

Last week we completed the first 3D scan of one of The Magistery's original wooden horses (actual rendering above). This is an incredibly exciting step since this process will allow us to digitally sculpt horse scans to create unique, one-of-a-kind horse designs, as well as the fantasy horse figures we have planned. We'll begin the image slicing and test printing this week and should have our first real-life 3D-printed horse very soon!

Carousel royalty comes home

When The Magistery's carousel was sold at auction in 1988, most of the horses were sold separately and were subsequently scattered far and wide. During its active years and through tireless efforts, The San Antonio Carousel Foundation was able to round up about 25 of the original horses. We're always on the lookout for steeds that originally spun on the carousel at Playland Park, and above is a pic of an outer row beauty, still in original park paint, that we were able to reunite with the herd last week. She'll be scanned for sculpting and printing, and eventually fully restored to ride again. Bonus: below is a picture of her from the original 1988 auction catalog!

Spread the word!

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Lastly, ICYMI, here's a video of the horses in their new stable in Austin, chomping at the bit to pole up and carry another generation of riders.

Many many thanks for your continued support, and stay tuned for more to come!

-The Magistery


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